Apple Expand The Marketing Area ipad 2

The latest generation of Tablet PC is quite phenomenal released in several countries, including the Asian region was launched April 28, 2011.

In Asia, the official IPAD 2 which is marketed in neighboring Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore. Then Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea also did not miss.

Although Indonesia has not been issued to a marketing list the IPad 2. Interestingly, the reason why Apple seems to be always late to the new product was officially launched in the country.

From PCMag, Thursday (4/28/2011), the sale will be conducted through the Apple Store and some local resellers. Just as in his native U.S., the cheapest retail price iPad 2 in the countries of USD499 for the 16GB version of Wi-Fi.

iPad 2 which brings dual core processors for a while still leading in the segment of the tablet. However, a greater challenge for him related to the presence of troops tablets Android and BlackBerry Playbook

T-Mobile Corrects LG G2X 3G Band Support

T-Mobile LG G2X 3GEarlier today, T-Mobile sent out a statement to the press regarding the specifications for the recently launched LG G2X Android smartphone. The smartphone as listed on T-Mobile’s website claims support for 3G on the 850 and 1900MHz bands used by AT&T as well as its current 1700MHz AWS and 2100MHz bands for international roaming, leading many to speculate that the G2X would be one of the first T-Mobile phones to transition to AT&T’s network pending the completion of the merger.
 The above speculation has now been clarified in the following statement:

The T-Mobile website is incorrect and we’re working to correct it. The G2x supports 850/900/1800/1900 MHz for 2G/GPRS only, and supports 3G/4G UMTS/HSPA+ bands I (2100) and IV (1700). The G2x does not support AT&T’s 3G bands. This banding is hardware based.

Android Smartphone From Casio

smartphone marketNew news for you, Verizon has announced the launch of the Casio G ' zOne smartphone Android command Thursday to $199.99 after new 2 year agreement. The phone is certified with the certificate with a rugged and capacitive sample M810G. Additional specifications include Android 2.2, and 5.0 camera with auto focus, LED lights and video capture, for the company's e-mail encryption, n radio Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a microSDHC slot.
Please note that this is the first Smartphone Android Dio Cassius and the Japanese variant of the device without first because there is no equivalent model is available in the Japanese company KDDI, unlike the previous model, which was adapted by the model previous KDDI 1xWIN.

Apple Sued Problem Tracking Data Location

apple ipadCase files are demanding Apple has submitted to the courts of Florida, United States (U.S.) last week. This time it was not related to patents, but a matter of privacy violations.

The lawsuit first reported by Bloomberg was accused Apple has violated privacy by storing log data the user's location, without providing the option to turn off the feature.

Is Vikram Ajjampur and William DeVito who filed this lawsuit. Both use Apple products. In its claim,DeVito and Ajjampur cite research Alasdair security experts Allen and Pete Warden who revealed Apple to record the movements of the user and store detailed information on their location

"Users do not realize the iPhone and Apple iPad track their location and the user does not like it. Apple collects location information secretly, unbeknownst to the user and may be illegal," so some of the contents of the lawsuit.

Reported by CNET, Tuesday (04/26/2011), the case was specifically accused Apple of his who did not disclose that the IOS record location data in a comprehensive manner in the Terms of Service iTunes service. Apple also does not offer the option for users who do not want this.

"If Apple wanted to keep track of each user products, the required specific approval, for customers who do not like this is not shocked and anxious to know Apple's practice done lately,"the lawsuit continued.

The lawsuit that seeks class-action status to get this, ask Apple completely disable this feature in the latest operating system that will be released.

Latest Sony Tablet Android

sony tablet androidSony finally announced the presence of homemade tablet computer. By Reuters on Tuesday (04/26/2011), Japanese electronics giant said it would release two tablet-based Android operating system version 3.0, aka Honeycomb.

Two tablet computers are called S1 and S2. Although lagging behind other vendors in marketing tablet, Sony still ambitious and courageous eyeing the number two position behind Apple iPad.

According Kunimasa Suzuki, Deputy President of the Consumer Products and Services Group, Sony, Sony's tablet bearing two forms. Models S1 and S2 single sail will have two touch screens at once.

"two-screen design is particularly relevant for reading digital books where the content is displayed on the screen in next door," said Suzuki.

Sony take a long time before finally entering the market now to make sure the tablet. They argued not want to hurry because he wanted to make a special differentiation of consumer demand for its products.

Sony S1 and S2 plan will be marketed globally by the end of 2011. He will challenge a variety of other tablets that have been flooding the market.

Walkman phones Android from Sony Ericsson's

Android phone from Sony Ericsson'sBack, Sony Ericsson introduced its first Walkman phone Android. Different from the previous leaks that predict this phone called the W15, it turns out he emerged as the W8.
W8 have been announced and appeared on the Sony Ericsson website. And at first glance, his form is similar to other Android smartphone from the Swedish-Japanese manufacturer, X8. It's just below the screen, there are writings Walkman.

However, the operating system is still version 2.1 aka Eclair. And view the specifications, the phone is aimed at middle-class market.

This phone is sailing 3 inch with a resolution of 480x320. Sector-powered 3.2 megapixel camera and 128MB RAM. W8 plan would be thrown in the Asia Pacific region first, including in Indonesia.

Widgets Walkman is also available to enjoy the music easily, which should be quite reliable as any other Walkman series. However, there are no leaks phone price. Here are the key specifications of the Sony Ericsson W8:
- 320 x 480 pixels (HVGA)
- 16,777,216 color TFT
- Phone memory up to 128MB
- microSD support (up to 16 GB)
- GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
- UMTS / HSPA 900/2100
- UMTS / HSPA 850/1900/2100
- Azure - Orange - Red
- 99 x 54 x 15 mm
- 3.9 x 2.1 x 0.6 inches
- Wi Fi
- Timescape UI

Caring for Ipad and Samsung Tab

tips on how to care ipadHi friends .. if you already have a Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad? if so, you must know how to care for her to get durable Well to keep getting maximum performance from one of this gadget will require treatment, Here are some tips for treatment:
1. LCDs become the most vital part of this gadget, almost 90% is a touchscreen display. The screen must be maintained and well cared for if you want the gadget remains normal. One bad habit that should be eliminated is to use the tip of dress or shirt to wipe the screen. This method is usually done reflexively PDA phone users in view of LCD dusty or greasy. "wiping with clothes it will cause scratches because of the cloth may be rough and suppress dust particles on the screen,"

The correct way is to use a special air blower to remove dirt and then carefully wipe it with a tissue specific to the lens or LCD. "It's safer again if after cleaning, LCD LCD protective layer," additional.

2. In addition to cleaning the screen, security and cleanliness of body must also be kept. "Better to buy a special bag or purse. Body can also be given protective gloves of rubber or leather to make it more secure from the impact, "

3. device is kept away from water, humidity and high heat and direct sunlight.

4. Charging the batteries do not be late or excess. "Do not let the batteries die waiting for a new total in-charge. When the charge note the indicator, if it is full immediately pull. If left too long in a state full will over charge, the batteries became
not durable, "

5 Other cases included common are damaged software because the program crashes. The reason is the downloading of programs that are less perfect . "iPad Users should have a personal account on the official website of Apple. Various programs can be downloaded from the official site.Noteworthy is the quality internet connection when downloading because the owners usually do with a PC IPAD. If the connection is not good, download the application was not perfect.Turn installed into IPAD likely will crash,''. If you have this, solution is to clean up the program causes crash or reformat the iPad, depending on the level of damage.

BlackBerry Playbook Review Emerges.

BlackBerry Playbook tablet computers ready to be marketed by Research in Motion (RIM), on 19 April in the United States. Some media have reviewed the initial technology to Playbook that this 1GHz dual-core processor. What are their conclusions?
BlackBerry Playbook Review
Compliments lead to hardware Playbook considered solid. "Hardware Playbook well combined. Tablets 7-inch screen is smaller so that was portable. Not too heavy and not too light, feels a quality product when held,"said BGR site.

Playbook The user interface is also quite commendable. Based operating system called QNX, otherwise fast and smooth performance. The ability to run Flash-based website is also quite nice to say.

However, the negative spotlight a lot of crashing the first tablet is made ​​by RIM. It's mainly about the lack of an integrated email service in the Playbook.

"RIM BlackBerry ship a product that can not do email," wrote David Pogue of the New York Times surprise. While RIM has been famous for its email service as the strength of its products

Playbook can only do when ditandemkan email with BlackBerry devices. Playbook be a sort of extension of the BlackBerry mobile phones for features such as email, BlackBerry Messenger and contacts. This feature is not available in the Playbook without paired with a mobile phone via Bluetooth.

No doubt, this is considered inconvenient. Though maybe not if the buyer Playbook is basically heavy users BlackBerry phones.

It's just that RIM has promised to eventually going to add native email or contact in the Playbook. Likewise, the video chat application that does not exist when the launch, will follow later. 'Multipurpose catch'that the Playbook judged hastily launched .

RIM said Playbook released with about 3000 applications available. This amount is promised to continue to grow, in addition to that later can run Android applications. The tablet is sold starting at $ 499, same as the cheapest version of the iPad 2.