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Excess Tablet PC

His trademark is to use the touch screen. Some Microsoft Windows-based computer vendor released a device like this is called the Tablet PC.

This term is suddenly booming again thanks to the 'emergence' Ipad Apple earlier this year, and rival vendors takmau lose by releasing their new tablet and as if to convince us that the tablet can be a versatile tool, even without support OS Windows.

Tablets can walk with him IOS Apple, Blackberry OS, even with newcomers Android.
So, what advantages and disadvantages of this type of product? Almost all Tablet is equipped with features and connections capable screen. Especially WiFi, and several leading cellular 3G HSDPA technology. But actually what 'Killer' its Tablet features?.
* The width of the screen to display full web pages with landscape or portrait. At least still quite larger than the HP screen.
* WiFi, we no longer need a LAN cable to connect it to the internet. Or, at least we no longer need to share with other devices.
* 3G HSDPA, a Tablet is equipped with mobile technology, both to access data and perform the classic air-HP Activities: phone calls and sms.
* Size very Portebel.dibandingkan with folding team portable device alias, Tablet PC believes that it is more concise. but, as such, yet it has the typical characteristics of a computer and HP also
* Camera. Some tablets, especially 7-inch (screen) has a camera with more than enough possibilities. Good for mobile photography and video chat tool.
* E-Book Reader, which is capable of. Plus support for good software for this purpose, sometimes read e-books in a Tablet would look cool, there is the impression " Lice " Books

But there is no ivory that is not cracked. Although a number of attractive advantages, the tablet also has shortcomings. Everything Tablet what shortage?
* only text input touch-screen virtual keyboard. If you add a wireless keyboard as an additional accessory, what's the difference with the laptop? More than that, it seems to be funny if it turns out wirelessnya keyboard larger than the tablet screen.
* Gafis card limited. We were able to play games on a mobile tablet also play around with images, but all this is very limited. Support peworful graphics card that does not like the one on your PC or laptop becomes the main reason.
* Size. In addition to excess, the size of the tablet can also be a weak point. Although already equipped with wireless networking technology and features of HP, Tablet can not necessarily be a replacement for HP. Terbayangkah bring sailing 9 inches or 7 inches into the pocket of pants and shirts?
* Power Supply. A must for a tablet to provide good power supply devices.Because portable, battery is one of the last base. Tablet will tend to live is always better is needed or not. Unlike a laptop which we will turn off when not in use. Standby time akam sucking power not less..
* Limited storage space. Even if there are additional slots for memory cards MicroSD only a maximum of 32GB numbers only.