Xperia Acro With Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Acro xperia android os comes with gingerbreadSony Ericsson (SE) again introduces new Android phones in Japan, this phone is called Android Xperia Acro. What is the difference with the Xperia Arc earlier presence in other countries?
From the side view, the phone is equipped with 8.1 megapixel camera with Exmor R sensor. The sensor is able to reduce the noise in low light

So there's no difference with Xperia Arc came first presence in other countries, because in Japan, Xperia Arc named Acro. As quoted from intomobile, Sunday (05/08/2011), mobile phone 4.2 inch sail also has mobile technology Reality Display with Bravia Engine.
Which became one differentiator is the version of Arc in Japan has the function of TV and feature an infrared port for sharing data to another device. In Japan Xperia Acro also functions as a 'digital wallet'
Acro Xperia come up with OS Android 2.3 Gingerbread,.
This phone will be available in Japan this summer, with a choice of black and white.

Excess Tablet PC

His trademark is to use the touch screen. Some Microsoft Windows-based computer vendor released a device like this is called the Tablet PC.

This term is suddenly booming again thanks to the 'emergence' Ipad Apple earlier this year, and rival vendors takmau lose by releasing their new tablet and as if to convince us that the tablet can be a versatile tool, even without support OS Windows.

Tablets can walk with him IOS Apple, Blackberry OS, even with newcomers Android.
So, what advantages and disadvantages of this type of product? Almost all Tablet is equipped with features and connections capable screen. Especially WiFi, and several leading cellular 3G HSDPA technology. But actually what 'Killer' its Tablet features?.
* The width of the screen to display full web pages with landscape or portrait. At least still quite larger than the HP screen.
* WiFi, we no longer need a LAN cable to connect it to the internet. Or, at least we no longer need to share with other devices.
* 3G HSDPA, a Tablet is equipped with mobile technology, both to access data and perform the classic air-HP Activities: phone calls and sms.
* Size very Portebel.dibandingkan with folding team portable device alias, Tablet PC believes that it is more concise. but, as such, yet it has the typical characteristics of a computer and HP also
* Camera. Some tablets, especially 7-inch (screen) has a camera with more than enough possibilities. Good for mobile photography and video chat tool.
* E-Book Reader, which is capable of. Plus support for good software for this purpose, sometimes read e-books in a Tablet would look cool, there is the impression " Lice " Books

But there is no ivory that is not cracked. Although a number of attractive advantages, the tablet also has shortcomings. Everything Tablet what shortage?
* only text input touch-screen virtual keyboard. If you add a wireless keyboard as an additional accessory, what's the difference with the laptop? More than that, it seems to be funny if it turns out wirelessnya keyboard larger than the tablet screen.
* Gafis card limited. We were able to play games on a mobile tablet also play around with images, but all this is very limited. Support peworful graphics card that does not like the one on your PC or laptop becomes the main reason.
* Size. In addition to excess, the size of the tablet can also be a weak point. Although already equipped with wireless networking technology and features of HP, Tablet can not necessarily be a replacement for HP. Terbayangkah bring sailing 9 inches or 7 inches into the pocket of pants and shirts?
* Power Supply. A must for a tablet to provide good power supply devices.Because portable, battery is one of the last base. Tablet will tend to live is always better is needed or not. Unlike a laptop which we will turn off when not in use. Standby time akam sucking power not less..
* Limited storage space. Even if there are additional slots for memory cards MicroSD only a maximum of 32GB numbers only.

The Latest Products From Intel

The new design of the chip is designed to enable the exponential growth in computing power are referred to as Moore's Law to continue into another generation. The new generation of Intel chips are going to use a structure in 3D to accumulate more and more power computing in small spaces.

Intel claims to have worked on this technology since 2002. He mentioned, this product will not be present on the computer, tablet and the latest smartphone by the end of this year. 

The term "3D" here refers to the transistors of the unit of computer chips very fudamental. Currently, their structure allows electrons to move only two-dimensional object from one side to the other. Now, Intel is also possible to can move up and down

This chip can reduce power consumption more than 50 percent in one generation and generate performance by 37 percent, "said one senior researcher at Intel, Mark Boh".

Intel said the breakthrough is being done and commensurate with the innovation of this time was in 2007.Although the 3D chip has not been officially released, but at least consumers can expect the presence of a better 3D graphics and multitasking

BlackBerry Bold 9900

Judging by its design, this device look similar to the original original Bold version (9000 series), which was launched in 2008. Only Bold 9900 appears more elegantly with 2.8-inch wide screen

The most interesting of these is the problem Bold 9900 mobile phone to be thinnest, making it the thinnest BlackBerry smartphone available this moment
While having a touch screen capability, Bold 9900 still carry the original design Bold. Who are still using qwerty keyboard, different from the BlackBerry Torch series which - though kind of touch screen - but it has a qwerty keyboard and wide screen with slide.version
one feature is a bold pledge using blackberry 7 OS. This is the latest BlackBerry operating system which is claimed will make BlackBerry smartphone faster and easier to use.
This device will be two versions, series 9900 for GSM and the Bold 9930 series to CDMA segment
The following are the specifications of the announced bold RIM:
Dimensi 115 x 66 x 10.5 mm
2.8' capacitive touch screen display – VGA (640x480), 287 dpi resolution
ultra-easy qwerty keyboard, optical trackpad
1.2 GHz Processor, 768 MB RAM
8 GB on-board memory, plus microSD slot supporting up to 32 GB cards
NFC technology
5.0 MP camera, supports 720p HD video recording
Orientation Sensor (Accelerometer), Digital Compass (Magnetometer), Proximity Sensor
Built-in GPS / aGPS
Dual-Band Wi-Fi® - 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4 GHz and 802.11 a/n at 5 GHz
Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR support
Wireless Network support:
9900: Tri-Band HSPA+, Quad-Band GSM/EDGE
9930: Dual-Band CDMA/EV-DO Rev. A, Dual-Band HSPA+, Quad-Band GSM/EDGE
1230 mAh removable, rechargeable battery
BlackBerry 7 OS

The Latest Challenge For Google

The combination of Microsoft and Research In Motion (RIM) provides Bing search engine as standard on your BlackBerry. With the merger of two giants in the field of online search is considered as a challenge to the ruling, Google
"This shows the online search wars start Presence Ballmer (Microsoft CEO) in the World BlackBerry is an example of the adage." The enemy of my enemy is my friend "In this case,. Google is the enemy," said Gartner analyst Michael Gartner.

Analysts speculate that Microsoft, which previously had an alliance with Nokia, and may pay RIM to want to use Bing. fight in any segment of online search is expected to add heat

Competition is seen as something natural. "RIM does not want to use Google as default search tool, a map and a very tight because they compete with Android," said Jack Gold, analyst J. Gold Associates.

Microsoft explains that Bing will be the search provider default in browsers, and BlackBerry maps. Today, Bing has been launched as a folder of applications and search BlackBerry Playbook Tablet

tips on caring for a digital camera

For some people, digital cameras are goods that are always captured. Therefore, it is obligatory for those of you who always carry a tool to take care of him so it is always preserved

Here are some tips on camera care, so that the camera can function well and the maximum and long-lived:

avoid direct exposure to sunlight
Be careful to not get sunburnt camera or exposed to direct sunlight and excessive. high heat can damage the camera part made of plastic and rubber, as well as other electronic components.

keep from excessive shock
Do not forget to enter in a special bag camera, to avoid shocks to other equipment. Put the camera in a secure and resilient to shocks.

clean the camera and lens
cameras must be cleaned once a week or regularly and periodically. For the external part of the physical camera, use a cloth clean and dry and not abusive. Elements in the interior and small, use a fan or fans are sold in the shops of the camera. In addition to the fan, filamentous fine brush, which has never been used on other objects.

To clean the lens of the affected premises, as a finger grease exposed to water or perspiration of the user, use a special fabric that are sold in stores

avoid scratches on the lens
To avoid scratches, you should have a filter thread lens is permanently mounted on the front. A common filter is a type of filter to be protective UV (Ultra Violet) or skylight filter. In the meantime, to avoid scratches on the back of the lens, try to always put 'bodycup' when the lens cover is removed from the camera body

avoid sea water
If you use the camera on the beach, keep the camera is not exposed to sea water or even falling into it. Sea water is very bad and cause corrosion potential of the camera or other electronic devices. except that is designed to be able to adapt to sea water

service in place of a trusted or official
Do not wash or clean the lens when moldy. Glass lens so sensitive. Cleaning more often, can produce image quality will decrease. To maintain and care for her, do not have to be stored in your wardrobe, because that would potentially invite fungi that attach to the lens in the camera

Beware of Pirated Software

If we understand the use of pirated software is easy and cheap, even almost for free. But, unfortunately, in addition to the violation of any law, it can also provoke attacks by malicious software. Starting from viruses, malware, and even identity theft.

According to the main team Pranata Institute Indonesian of Sciences (LIPI), Tutang, the use of original software, not only protects the creators of author's rights, but also give a guarantee of quality for its users.
Users should be aware of the risks the danger of virus attacks, malware, data loss, identity theft and even damage the hardware.

"This is certainly very risky in the process of exchange of data itself, social information, financial transactions, assurance of confidentiality and completeness of documents," he continued.

"Tutang added that the biggest impact is wrong perception about the reliability of the technology as a result of the extensive side effects because the use of pirated products will have a negative impact both on consumers in the context of microfinance, as well as countries in the context of macro-.

President of the Foundation reproductive Cipta Indonesia (YRCI), Kartini Nurdin added, copyright respect - including digital work and software - creativity and innovation mean value of the creators, innovators and creators which are the engine of economic growth.

Therefore, Kartini underlined that violations of intellectual work can not be allowed because it would kill the creativity, the economic state, as well as economically detrimental to all parties, including consumer.

Based on data from Business Software Alliance (BSA) in 2007, the rate of software piracy in Indonesia still high percentage, namely 84%.