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Whether This is a Cheap Version iPhone?

Because they want to compete with Android smartphone at cheap prices, Apple is rumored to be making the iPhone more affordable price. It is said that later called the iPhone 4S and will appear in unison with the launch of the iPhone 5.

A photo of the iPhone 4S allegedly appeared on the internet. Picture still fuzzy feature phones like the iPhone, but by producing low-cost materials.

With white color, iPhone 4S casing is made of plastic, less elegant compared to iPhone 4-dominated glass material. Its objective is to suppress the price.

Kompromi lain demi harga murah adalah resolusi layar yang diturunkan. Disebutkan bahwa layarnya tidak akan memakai Retina Display melainkan akan sama dengan teknologi layar di iPod Touch.

The photos in question first appeared on the site of Vietnam named Tinhte. The site administrator said to get it from reliable sources

There are some who doubt this phone is the iPhone 4S. There is also suspected as a prototype of the previous generation iPhone. How do you think?


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