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You must know some things about the iPad 2

ipad2 caseDevices that pioneered the booming tablet comes in new versions. iPad 2, thus its name, presents a variety of additional features and also a change from the design.Here are 7 things to know about the iPad 2:
1. Got iPad FaceTime and Accessories Features Smart Cover
FaceTime iPad 2 has facilities for video chat. Third-party applications such as Skype can also be used. There are also interesting accessories called Smart Cover. It's kind of colorful screen protector. When coatings Smart Cover is closed, the iPad can locked automatically. Smart Cover can also be folded to be used as stand.

2. Ability Battery and Screen iPad 2 Not Changed
Although significantly become slender body, was battery life iPad 2 does not change from the first version, which is in the range of 10 hours. Likewise the screen, three-quarter money with the first version on either the size and in terms of screen resolution

3. IPad 2 processor-based ARM Cortex A9
New processor iPad 2 has dual core and is called the A5. He ARM Cortex A9-based design. Processors are two of the brain that would make the process faster application load times and other computing tasks promised more speeding.

4. Graphic iPad 2 Claimed better
According to Steve Jobs, the graphics capabilities of IPAD two claimed to 9 times faster than the first version of the iPad. Of course this ability, if true, would spoil the game lovers.

5. Operating System IPAD 2 is IOS 4.3
iPad 2 equipped with the latest operating system from Apple, the IOS 4.3. Some of the improvement brought like the Safari browser is faster and features iTunes Home Sharing.

6. iPad 2 Got HDMI Out
Although still requiring additional connectors which must be purchased separately, the iPad has facilities HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) for connecting to a television device and share content with it.

7. iPad 2 will Opponent Facing Serious
Press releases Apple seem presumptuous, "While others scramble to imitate the iPad first generation, we released the iPad 2 that much to raise the limit from the competition,". It's not appropriate, because the competitors in the realm of tablets Android like Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10.1 have an equivalent feature on even surpass some of the iPad 2.

Those are some things you should know about ipad 2 sebelun decided to buy


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